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Anna Maria Island is the charming Florida you've been waiting for, but would you skip one of the best cities on the Gulf Coast for that? Bradenton is a city that you might accidentally miss on a busy road, and it is a great destination for boaters and tourists. Just a few hours south of Fort Myers, Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico, it is located just off the coast of Sarasota, the second largest city in Florida and the third largest in America.

It attracts locals and tourists alike to watch the sunsets, enjoy the cuisine of old Florida and enjoy strong drinks. If you decide to spend a few nights in downtown Bradenton, you can plan a few day trips. Families, couples and retirees who want to do some fun things for their stay in sunny southwest Florida in Bradenton have plenty of options.

If you are not quite ready to return to the island, check out the many other options Bradenton has for you if you are not ready or not ready to return to the islands. View all the properties in Bradenton, Florida today at https: / / / and see for yourself by calling 941 - 564 - 9491 to buy or sell your first home in the beautiful town of Sarasota, Florida, just a few miles south of Fort Myers.

For a more comfortable experience, the beach houses on Anna Maria Island in Bradenton, Florida, are just a few miles south of Fort Myers. If shallow, wide, soft sandy beaches are what you want, then this place is the place for you. A stay at AnnaMaria Island essentially means that you have the opportunity to spend a relaxing, relaxing and restful time on one of the most beautiful islands in all of Florida, with all that Bradenton has to offer.

Bradenton offers many opportunities to explore nature, and is one of the best places in the world where you can truly have your own private beach house in Florida. Bradenton is home to some of Florida's most beautiful beaches, as well as many great restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants.

Last but not least, Anna Maria Island is a fabulous island destination and life at the Palma Sola Bay Club. This allows you to do all these things in one place without the hassle of living in a hotel or on an island.

Anna Maria Island is located on the Gulf of Sarasota and boasts a variety of beaches, including some of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Florida, as well as a number of great restaurants and bars. If you take your time on the beach, choose from a handful just a short drive away and get the price - Siesta Key Beach, Fort Myers Beach and Bradenton Beach. The main attraction are the beaches, which include a surfer's paradise, which is a perfect place to surf in good conditions. However, if you want to stay by the sea or be pampered more, stay further south, in or near Bradford Beach.

Bradenton Beach, located at the southern end of Anna Maria Island, is densely packed with smaller, less flamboyant resorts like Waterline. There are a lot of common accommodations available, but we recommend that you make sure you stay at one of the area's most popular hotels, such as the Bayfront Hotel or Riverfront Resort, on your first visit. The best way to find accommodation in Bradenton is to rent a house through AnnaMaria Vacations.

These beautiful modern condominiums are located near St. Petersburg, just a 15-minute drive from the beach on Anna Maria Island. The property is minutes from the beach and a short walk from downtown Bradenton and close to the Tampa Bay Bridge.

Look across the bay and see the Tampa Bay Bridge or take in the views from the south and enjoy everything. We couldn't miss the water - the dining options on Anna Maria Island and the beautiful beach while we were in Bradenton.

Visit to share your fun-filled vacation and experiences from our day trip to Florida. For more information on fun things to do in Florida, check out our blog about Florida, Bradenton Florida Travel. This blog has lots of great tips and tricks to do the fun thing in the Sunshine State.

Take a 45-minute walk to learn more about the park's rich history and heritage, and cycle the nature trails in De Soto National Memorial Park. You can discover Florida's history from prehistory to the present, including the history of Florida, its people, flora and fauna, and wildlife.

To learn more about Anna Maria Island in Bradenton, contact us today to help you plan your dream vacation.

Then we will delve deep into how the community has coped with the coronavirus crisis, how local restaurants have kept themselves afloat and adapted, and much more. We recommend that visitors visit the Anna Maria Island Museum, the Bradenton Museum of Natural History. There is a lot of great information about the history of the island and the communities that have been built on this small island. If you haven't been there, you'll miss one of Florida's most unique tourist destinations.

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