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Welcome to Bradenton Beach Resort & Spa, a family-friendly resort located in the historic Bradman Beach neighborhood, Florida, USA. Located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, just a short walk from the beach, this hotel features all guest amenities including a spa, fitness center, swimming pool, spa and wellness facilities, as well as a restaurant, bar and pool house. Located on the south side of downtown Bradton Beach's main street in Braden Island, Florida, this family-friendly resort is a great choice for families with young children and young adults.

In addition to the House of Work Center, the Lifestyle Family Fitness offers its guests the opportunity to use all facilities free of charge. If you prefer swimming or sports, you can visit the hotel's modern swimming pool and fitness centre.

There is a 3-star option that includes a daily American breakfast at half price, and another option is an outdoor pool that also includes an indoor pool and fitness center, as well as a fitness center and gym. There is another 2-star option at the same price as the 1-star option, which includes daily American breakfast, including breakfast in the hotel dining room, shower and shower, and gym. Another option is a 4-star option with a full service restaurant and gym, as well as a private pool, gym and fitness centre.

The Inn features hotel-style rooms with seating area, dining room overlooking the pool and private pool. The rooms are non-smoking, have terraces and balconies and have a full service restaurant, shower and shower, as well as a fitness center, gym and fitness center.

There are also a variety of events that you can enjoy, such as golf, golf, swimming, tennis, bowling and golf courses.

Whether you are visiting the city to enjoy one of the attractions or for another reason, it is important to find the right hotel for your needs so that nothing stands in the way of a great trip. For a delicious meal and refreshing drinks, you can visit the on-site restaurant or head directly to the carefully maintained grounds. You can also search for longer stay hotels and lodges that meet your specific needs, such as hotels that go directly to the Bradenton Convention and Visitors Bureau or the Florida Tourism Commission.

View the line charts to evaluate the quality of hotels and lodges in Bradenton, Florida, as well as the cost of a stay. Discover new things while visiting Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the Dali Museum of Art and the Florida State Fair.

You have free on-site parking for guests and do not need to make a reservation, but you can search online for free parking at the Bradenton Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Florida State Fair.

Enjoy a private balcony with views of the Bradenton River and the Florida State Fair in one of our beautifully appointed rooms. Depending on the room, we also have a whirlpool, but if that is not enough, you can choose from large suites, which also include a fridge, wet bar, sofa and bed. Each room has a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with an open fireplace and a desk from which you can do your work.

We also accept group reservations, making it the perfect place for sports teams, families and business groups to stay in the area.

Accommodation prices vary widely, although most are less expensive because there are fewer visitors from the northern states in the area and hotels compete more strongly for business travelers, and because fewer tourists travel to Florida than to other states, accommodation prices can vary widely. We have a wide range of hotels in Florida and other locations across the country, and you can redeem your award points at over 3,600 hotels worldwide.

In Bradenton, KAYAK users have found double rooms for $50 in the last 3 days, and the average price for a 3-star hotel room found on KayAK in the last 3 days is $60 per night. A three-star room at the Marriott Hotel in the north of the city, just outside downtown, costs more than $60 a night, according to the hotel's website.

The Bradenton Hotel & Suites is located in the Heritage Harbor subdivision, just blocks from downtown and within walking distance of the city's main shopping and dining districts. The facility is ideal for users who want to stay in a three-star hotel room with views of the city center or the city skyline, according to the hotel's website. It is located about 800 m from the city center and about 2.5 km from the city center.

Located between 2 shopping centers, everything you want to do or buy if you have forgotten to pack one or the other is just a short walk from the front door. If shopping is your pleasure, it is at the Ellenton Outlet Mall, which has nearly 100 outlet stores.

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More About Bradenton